Have the time of your life enjoying a hassle-free fishing experience with Steve

Steve has more experience than any other guide on Lake Lewisville. Thanks to 37 years of experience on Lake Lewisville, Steve knows all the best fishing spots. It doesn’t matter if this is your first time fishing ever or you have prior experience. You will get the best and most knowledgeable fishing guide for your fishing trip making unforgettable memories with your family and friends. Most people that have been on Steve’s fishing trips have caught the biggest fish of their life.


Steve has 37 years of experience as a fishing guide on Lake Lewisville and over 40 years of fishing experience.

365 Days per year

Steve fishes every day of the year allowing him to know the best spots at the best time of day.


Steve offers fishing guide services 7 days per week.


Steve has fished in all seasons and in every weather condition imaginable.

Fishing Guide Services Include:

  • Fishing Boat (Gas Included)
  • All Fishing Equipment (Fishing Poles, Tackle, etc…)
  • Bait and Lures
  • Livewell for Keepers
  • Lifejackets

Additional Fish Cleaning Service Included

Steve offers a professional fish cleaning service at the end of the trip. Eliminating the hassle of you filleting and bagging your keeper fish for you to take home to cook and eat. You’ll go home with filet’d and bagged fish ready to eat!

*Tips are appreciated for Fish Cleaning Services after a good productive day*

What Kind Of Fish Are You Targeting?

Steve is one of the few fishing guides that offers guiding services for multiple species. Whether you’d like to fish for Largemouth Bass, Hybrid Stripers, or HUGE Catfish, Steve uses his knowledge and experience to build a guided trip around your needs. Steve does not charge extra for trophy tours. No matter what species you are targeting we are always fishing for the largest trophy fish possible. Steve offers one of the best opportunities for trophy sized fish in the DFW and North Texas area.

Largemouth Bass

Hybrid Striper Bass

Sand Bass


Unforgettable memories with your family

Steve has over 3 decades of experience being guide for families and kids. Steve is great with kids and loves teaching them about fishing. A professional guided fishing trip with Steve allows you the opportunity to have a memorable and enjoyable experience with the whole family without the hassle. As a parent, you don’t have to worry about the boat, equipment, tying knots for hooks, attaching lures, planning and trying to find the fishing spots to go to. You can just sit back, take pictures, and enjoy the memorable time with your kids.

First Timer?

Maybe you and a couple of your friends and family want to have a fun exciting experience but have no idea how to fish. Steve has years of experience and is great with first timers. You don’t need to know anything about boats, fishing poles, how to tie on hooks, how to use lures, or even how to cast a line. Steve is the most knowledgeable and experienced fishing guide on Lake Lewisville with decades of experience teaching first timers.

Have an awesome experience with your friends

Have a great time, laugh, and an awesome experience with your friends to tell stories about. Enjoy the thrill with Steve’s Professional Fishing Guide Services. From 37 years of guiding experience and after competing in numerous tournaments all over DFW and North Texas, you will get the best and most knowledgeable fishing guide for your fishing trip. Steve only runs one type of fishing tour, and it’s always for trophy fish. No matter what fish we are targeting, Steve is always after your group catching the largest trophy fish possible. Laugh and have fun without the hassle of worrying about the boat, gas for the boat, finding where the fishing spots are, what lures you should use, the equipment, tackle, etc… Steve will take care of it all. All you guys have to do is have fun and enjoy the thrill of reeling in that lunker. Oh, and be sure to take lots of pictures and videos to show off your catches for your social media pages!

Father Son Fishing Trip

One of Steve’s favorite things to do is taking a father and his son(s) out on an unforgettable fishing trip. Have a blast and get your boy(s) on some big fish. Steve has over 40 years of experience on Lake Lewisville knowing all the best spots. No need to worry about the hassle of the boat, gas, fishing gear, trying to find the fishing spots, lures, where to go, etc.. Steve will take care of it all. All you have to do is have fun and enjoy the thrill of watching your son’s smile while reeling in that lunker. Please take lots of pictures and video to capture the wonderful memories with your son(s).

Ready for the best fishing experience on Lake Lewisville?