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I am happy to provide Fishing Guide Services at Lake Lewisville, Lake Grapevine, and Lake Ray Roberts

Below you will find Fishing Guides for each lake

Lake Lewisville

Impounded: 1927 (expanded in the 40s & 50s)

Size: 29,592 acres

Depth: 67 ft.

Structure: Bridges, Old Dam, Marinas, Standing Timber, River Channels

Source River: Elm Fork of the Trinity River, Stewart, Panther, Cottonwood, Doe Branch, Little Elm, Pecan and Hickory Creeks

Description: Lake Lewisville was originally named Lake Dallas. Lake Lewisville is known as the urban fishing capital of Texas due to its close location to the DFW metropolis. The lake has existed in some form since 1927. The original lake has been expanded to make the current Lake Lewisville. The Old dam that cuts across the middle of the lake is evidence of this history. There is a cut in the old dam that provides access to both sides of the lake. Hybrid Striped Bass fingerlings are introduced every year. Hybrid Striped Bass provide an excellent angling opportunity for North Texas fishermen. Hybrid Bass are created by crossing Sand Bass and Striped Bass. Crossing the two created a fish that is tolerant and hard fighting. Sand Bass aka. White Bass occur in Lake Lewisville naturally as they are native to the Trinity River. Sand Bass can be caught year-round in all weather conditions.

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Lake Grapevine

Impounded: 1952

Size: 7,280 acres

Depth: 65 ft.

Structure: Submerged Gravel Washer and Conveyer, Rocky Shorelines, Drop Offs, Boulders

Source River: Denton Creek

Description: Lake Grapevine is a smaller Lake. The primary fishing activity at this lake is for Large Mouth Bass, Crappie and Sand Bass. Lake Grapevine doesn’t have a Hybrid Bass stocking program so Hybrids are off the menu at Lake Grapevine.

Lake Grapevine has been recently stocked by Texas Parks and Wildlife with Large Mouth Bass and Small Mouth Bass. Lake Grapevine also sports a healthy Crappie and Catfish population. Docks, Marinas and rocky shorelines provide most of the fishing structure on Lake Grapevine. Sand Bass are in a natural abundance in this lake. Limits on Sand Bass are not unusual. If you’re staying at the Gaylord or Great Wolf Lodge resort, consider a guided fishing trip on Lake Grapevine. I am an excellent Lake Grapevine Fishing Guide and would love to guide your fishing trip.

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Lake Ray Roberts

Impounded: 1987

Size: 29,350 acres

Depth: 106 ft.

Structure: Brush Piles, River Channels, Pond Dams, Standing Timber

Source River: Elm Fork of the Trinity River

Description: Lake Ray Roberts is primarily a Black Bass fishing destination. Lake Ray Roberts is aggressively stocked with Large Mouth Bass by Texas Parks and Wild Life. Crappie and Sand Bassare also in abundance in the lake. There is plenty of standing timber and brush piles for anglers to target for Bass and Crappie. There is also substantial aquatic vegetation which serves as an excellent habitat for Black Bass.

Lake Ray Roberts is a premier world-class Black Bass fishing destination. Catching 6-9 pound Black Bass is a regular occurrence on Ray Roberts. The lake record for Large Mouth is an impressive 15.18 pounds.

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