Kid Fishing Trips

Steve’s Pro Guide is a great place to take kids fishing in Dallas, DFW, and North Texas.

I have provided fishing guide services for parents and their children since 1986. I love teaching parents and their kids how to fish. I provide fishing adventures to families from all over the United States. Get your kids off their electronics and create great stories and memories that will last a lifetime. Whether you’re looking for a stay-cation in Dallas or you’re just looking for a fun summer activity, guided fishing is a great option. Load up the kids and come out for a half day or full day fishing trip on Lake Lewisville, Lake Grapevine, or Lake Ray Roberts. Take your fish home cleaned and ready to cook. Above all remember to have fun on your trip. Get your kids hooked on fishing today with a guided fishing trip from Steve’s Pro Guide.

The Basics

On the guided trip, your kids will learn the basics of fishing through fun and hands on activity. I teach the kids how to work the fishing reel. I will teach them techniques to get the fish to bite. I also teach the kids about the different kinds of fish and how to identify them. If they hook a big one, I will teach them how to play and land the fish. Once the fish is in the boat, they can study it and take pictures. We may also have opportunities to spot birds and other wildlife. There is lots of interesting wildlife that inhabit Lake Lewisville, including Seagulls, Herons and Otters. Get your Children passionate about fishing, and teach them a relaxing sport that they will enjoy for years to come.


I have years of experience with kids on the lake. If you’re worried about casting baits, is not necessary to cast when fishing from a boat for Crappie, Sand Bass or Blue Catfish. When on the boat your kids will wear life jackets. I have multiple kid-sized life jackets that I provide on loan. I will remove the fish from the hook for your kids. If cut bait is required, I will bait the hook for your kids. When on your fishing trip, your kid’s safety is my primary concern. You can rest assured that your fishing experience will be enjoyable and safe. Children love to catch fish and the enjoyment it brings them is a sight to behold.

What Type of Fishing Trip is Best for my Child?

Sand Bass fishing is great for kids. Sand Bass fishing is all about catching, and when their biting good, you can’t help but catch Sand Bass. Guided Sand Bass trips are great for kids because they are so easy to catch. Your kids will catch fish on a guided Sand Bass trip with me. If your kids aren’t experienced at fishing, Sand Bass is a good way to introduce them to the sport. Your kids will have fun reeling in fish after fish!

If your kids are more experienced with fishing, try a Blue Catfish trip or Channel Catfish trip. Blue Catfish and Channel Catfish are larger than Sand Bass and put up a fun and exciting fight that kids love. Catching a big fish can get kids hooked on fishing for life. Fishing for Catfish does require some patience, keep this in mind when choosing your trip.

For older more experienced fishing kids, Hybrid Bass and Large Mouth Bass can provide an action-packed fishing adventure. Large Mouth Bass fishing and Hybrid Bass fishing may require casting. Different baits and lures are used depending on structure and conditions. I will teach your kids what lures to use for the different fishing structure. Your kids will learn about how weather conditions and water stain and clarity effect bait and color selection.